Six Innovative Ways to Incorporate Branded Swag

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6 Ways to Incorporate Branded Swag

Have you ever considered the strategy behind corporate branding? When you notice all the merchandise like shirts, pens, and even socks from major companies, it’s not just about branding; it’s about setting trends and making an impact. So, what distinguishes trendsetters in the realm of promotional products or branded swag? How do they elevate the ordinary pen, t-shirt, water bottle,  into something extraordinary? Let’s dive into the world of branded items and explore six innovative ways companies are incorporating it into their businesses. 

1. Welcome Boxes

A Personalized Touch

A custom box with your company’s logo, packed with carefully curated branded products is all about creating an experience. Branded boxes are not just for PR; they’re a powerful tool for making a lasting impression with employees and clients. A custom box offers ample space for creative designs both inside and out. A simple addition of a custom box automatically gives the merch inside the box an added perceived value. A great first impression!

Welcome/Thank You Box for Insight

2. Events

Where Branding Comes Alive

Events provide a great opportunity for branded swag to stand out. Whether it’s a conference, a golf outing, or an internal team-building exercise; promotional products add a touch of excitement and serve as potent reminders of your brand. The ripple effect extends beyond the event itself, reaching networks and friend groups, amplifying your brand’s reach.

A few great event examples are:

  1. Golf Events

Teeing Up Brand Recognition

Golf events offer a prime opportunity to showcase your brand. From quality golf polos to branded golf balls and bags, the options are endless.

  1. Conferences

Standing Out in the Crowd

At conferences, where competition for attention is strong, promotional products can be your secret weapon. A free bluetooth speaker or a t-shirt can be the difference between blending in and standing out. With nearly 10 out of 10 customers eager to snag a promotional product, you can’t afford to miss this opportunity. [Source PPAI]

  1. Internal Events

Building Team Spirit

Internal events, from company-wide conferences to divisional gatherings, are perfect occasions to reinforce  company culture and boost morale. With 59% of employees developing a more favorable impression of their workplace after receiving branded swag, it’s a small investment with big returns. [Source: Brandon Gaille Small Business and Marketing Advice].

Custom Branded Bad Birdie Golf Polo

3. Trade Shows/Giveaways

Making Every Interaction Count

Trade show giveaways are more than just freebies; they are strategic tools for boosting brand recognition and fostering customer loyalty. With 82% of people reporting a more favorable impression of brands that offer promotional products, giveaways are a no-brainer for any marketing arsenal. [Source: Brandon Gaille Small Business and Marketing Advice].

4. Gifts/Incentives

Rewarding Loyalty

In today’s dynamic business landscape, there’s a constant search  for innovative ways to incentivize employees to achieve sales goals while ensuring they feel valued. Tangible rewards boost enjoyment, motivation, and loyalty. Common sales incentives can be cash bonuses or gift cards,  but branded swag plays a vital role in this, strengthening employer-employee bonds. Carefully selected items not only motivate but also foster a positive work environment. Linking high quality, useful, branded items to sales goals adds an extra incentive, creating a tangible reward system that can get employees to exceed expectations and feel truly valued.

5. Corporate Milestones

Celebrating Success

Celebrating milestones within your company is important – and sometimes you need a way to show it. Marking corporate milestones with branded swag is a meaningful way to celebrate achievements and show appreciation. Whether it’s a commemorative award or a custom gift, it serves as a tangible reminder of success and fosters a sense of pride among employees.

6. Employee Gear

Fostering Company Pride

By investing in quality gear that resonates with your team, you’re not just handing out promotional items; you’re investing in your company’s culture and the happiness of your employees. And when your team feels valued and appreciated, they become your most passionate brand ambassadors, spreading positivity and loyalty throughout your organization.

Our top three picks and most popular items for employee gear are:

  1. Apparel
  2. Drinkware
  3. Computer Backpack


There are countless ways to incorporate branded swag into your marketing strategy – these are just a few of the most innovative. As you consider your advertising avenues, remember that 7 in 10 customers wish they’d receive promotional products more often. 

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